Caffé Florian Venice

InspirationsCaffé Florian Venice 300 years of Venetian grandeur Golden-age allure, refined elegance, and a captivating historic aura. There’s nothing plain, nothing simple and nothing informal about […]

Cala di Volpe Costa Smeralda

InspirationsCala di Volpe Costa Smeralda Qunitessential Sardinian Luxury A medley of exquisitely crafted pastel-colored buildings immersed in lush impossibly green vegetation before the glistening crystal blue […]

Contratto Winery

InspirationsContratto Winery Bubbling with excellence for over 150 years 5,000 square meters of UNESCO-protected 150-year-old underground cellars excavated by hand from the tuff limestone hills of […]

Domingo Schingaro at Due Camini

InspirationsDomingo Schingaro at Due Camini Awe-inspiring Apulia Rice, olive oil, and tomatoes. Cacioricotta cheese and fresh arugula. Spaghetti with fava beans. A wooden tray laden with […]

E-Bike Monferrato

InspirationsE-Bike Monferrato Explore the Region of Monferrato on an E-Bike Italy is home to some of the most spectacular natural sights and wonders. However, these landscapes […]

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

InspirationsGrand Hotel Tremezzo Stay at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo When you visit Italy, you want romance, elegance, and excellence. The Grand Hotel Tremezzo knows just how […]

Laudomia Pucci

InspirationsLaudomia Pucci Among its many marvels, Italy boasts some of the most astounding, courageous and brilliant designers in the world. Offering celebrated fashion shows and glamorous […]

Quad and Rafting Umbria

InspirationsQuad and Rafting Umbria When you think of extreme sports and places to partake in these activities, Italy may not be the first to pop up […]

Ristorante del Cambio Torino

InspirationsRistorante del Cambio Torino Mesmerizing cuisine steeped in history and art «We’ve made history, now let’s go have lunch» said Camillo Benso Count of Cavour, on […]

Tuscan Safari

InspirationsTuscan Safari Safari is often synonymous with the desert, Africa, and exploring the wildlife of these places. Yet, believe it or not, Italy offers its own […]

Vintage Vespa Tours of Rome

InspirationsVintage Vespa Tours of Rome Roman holidays to call one’s own Fiery sunsets over the Tiber river, heart-stopping views of the Roman Forum, and mystical atmospheres. […]

Ducati Museum

InspirationsThe Ducati Museum, a journey through 90 years of legendary motorcycles style, heritage, challenges and success Sleek, elegant, fast as lightning and timeless. Ducati motorbikes represent […]

Etna Monaci delle Terre Nere

InspirationsMonaci delle Terre Nere, a haven of Sicilian luxury scents, flavors and colors of Sicily Precious estate-produced wines and timeless cuisine. Finely manicured gardens and guest […]

Pastificio Martelli Pisa

InspirationsPastificio Famiglia Martelli, lovingly handcrafted Tuscan pasta flavor, audacity, wheat and tradition A small medieval village perched atop a hill, among vineyard-clad hills, olive tree groves […]

Custom Men Tailoring, Simone Abbarchi

InspirationsSimone Abbarchi, Crafted in Florentine Tradition Peerless custom-made shirts His favorite fabric? Oxford cloth, with its wonderfully light texture, colored warp threads and white weft threads, […]

Pampaloni silver

InspirationsPampaloni silver - ancient art and contemporary flair gleaming Florentine artistry “It’s all grandfather Emidio's fault” quips Gianfranco Pampaloni “he should have chosen to make airplanes […]


InspirationsMorgana, a sorceress in the heart of Taormina colors, flavors and Sicilian enticement Where can one find Italian contemporary chic, and slowly relish a glamorous cocktail, […]

Teatro San Carlo

InspirationsTeatro San Carlo, a lyrical work of art “Run, fly to Naples, and listen to the masterpieces!” - Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Dictionnaire de Musique Magnificent, impressive and […]

Sigaro Toscano

InspirationsToscano, the iconic Italian cigar born by accident “If heaven has no cigars, I shall not go there.” Mark Twain Breathtaking art, idyllic landscapes and fascinating […]

Amarelli Licorice

InspirationsAmarelli Licorice - preciously sweet Italian roots Calabria’s black gold Long chewy spirals to be eagerly uncoiled and slowly relished. Hard button-like candies in a pretty […]

Acetaia Reggianini

InspirationsAcetaia Reggianini, shrine of exquisite Italian values Traditionally crafted Aceto Balsamico di Modena Glossy, succulent, seductive. Once known only to preeminent chefs, balsamic vinegar is now […]

Ca’ del Bosco

A grandiose gate, sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro’s bronze “Hymn to the Sun”, which opens onto a sweeping park framed by oak, chestnut and acacia trees.

Capri Il Riccio

Il Riccio, Italian for sea-urchin, is a seductive word for all those who love the sea… and all the more so if you’re in Italy’s most exclusive island, gorgeous Capri.