Founded in 1969 Arno Travel, onsite Italian travel planner, has been the leading company for US, Brasilian and Mexican luxury tourism for over 50 years. Committed to offering its clients the best in Italy, and providing guests with memorable experiences, Arno Travel specializes in selecting properties, ideating outstanding experiences and partnering with charismatic experts, to create uniquely enlightening Italian journeys.

Arno’s dedicated team guarantees professional assistance and creative solutions at all times, and ensures guests enjoy personalized attention and care throughout their stay. A widespread network of contacts throughout the whole of Italy enables us to open the doors of museums, landmarks and main sites not accessible to the general public. Committed to guests’ full well-being we check and double check services, brief our escorts, guides and drivers, and then brief them again, to make sure each and every one of them knows the logistics, is aware of each guest’s needs, and offers genuine elegant Italian style hospitality.

Strategically based in Florence city center Arno comprises a passionate team of skilled professionals dedicated to creating sensational itineraries and delivering the world-class service required by the standards of the premium networks we work with: Virtuoso, Ensemble and Travel Leaders. As 2021 advances Arno Travel moves forward, aiming to present a discerning selection of the very finest Italy has to offer, providing guests with undivided attention, dedicated care, and precious, choice, authentically Italian experiences

Il Team

Elena Ferri

Director of Operations

Ilaria Di Rigo

Manager of Operations

Lucia Morelli

Senior Travel Designer

Elena Fiaschi

Senior Travel Designer

Laura Cimino

Travel Designer

Sofia Ristori

Travel Designer

Luca Perfetto


Urbano Brini

Business Development Director

Patrizio Montevecchi